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You will soon discover how to grow backyard garden potatoes. Growing huge beautiful potatoes is easier than you believe. Potatoes are a big staple in many people's diet. One healthy plant can yield a large number of potatoes. Potatoes grow underground but are not roots they belong to group of storage stems called tubers. There are many types of potatoes but white and red skinned potatoes with white flesh are mostly found in the common vegetable garden.

Grow backyard garden potatoes tips.

Two easy ways to grow potatoes. You can use very small mini potatoes called sets to start with or you can use mature potatoes that have been cut into small sections that have an eye on it which will go into a new potato plant.

If you are concerned about how to plant potatoes in a garden the first thing you need to know is that potatoes prefer cool weather so they are best planted soon after the freeze date of 28 degrees has passed. Potatoes can grow in cool soil with a little light frost but since potatoes grow below the ground surface the soil should be well drained, loose and porous to allow the roots and potatoes to grow and develop avoid clay soil because it's to compact. Your potato pieces or sets can be planted 3 to 4 inches deep and 1 to 2 feet apart.

Grow backyard garden potatoes quality tips.

Large potatoes are a result of rich soil and actually grow quicker. Potatoes grow best when well watered this aids the tubers to grow larger and faster. Not sopping wet let dry out a little between watering. Good temperature for potatoes is an area that gets lots of sunlight and is hot during the summer in this climate tubers will develop quickly.

Another method to grow backyard garden potatoes is the tire method. Begin with one tire flat on the ground fill it with your good soil mix. Plant the sprouted spud pieces that have two sprouts per piece one in the center and four around the outer edge. Go ahead put another tire on the stack and repeat this until you have three or four tires high.

 Do three or four stacks. Water well and don't worry the water will drain to the bottom. At the ends of your growing season just tip over the tire stacks and there's your harvest, you don't have to wash them just brush them off and store in a cool dry place.

Potatoes are such a big part of our diet and these taters you grow yourself taste better than store boughten kind making it worthwhile to grow backyard garden potatoes


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Grow Backyard Garden Potatoes

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This article was published on 2011/07/08